The sleevenotes

This is about my years spent rummaging around in small, noisy, and often dusty places. In record shops, trying to find a good, cheap, honest fix. All of the shots are of my own.

I didn’t have much money in those days, mostly because I was either on the dole or on some going-nowhere scheme and waiting to get a band together like the ones you might see featured on here.

No links, no Spotify, no soundbites. I own nothing (except the records).

I don’t play music via Ipod or Spotify or any of those. It just doesn’t suit me. I tend to use my own records, tapes, and CD’s and I like You Tube for the records and songs I feature. No doubt you can dig even deeper via other platforms I don’t know as much about.

Do like I did when I was right there and go and find out for yourself.

Comments welcomed. Just please don’t write on the record sleeve. I hate that.

Ta from Tony



I spent just over thirty years in the UK, in teenage years and further on visiting any record shop I could find in any town I could be found; editing and entertaining myself endlessly. Less so for the next twenty-plus years spent in the bible belt of the deep South. It just hasn’t been the same as it was in those earlier days, but I never lose hope and I think that’s the point.

In the late nineties to early oughties the record industry tried its damnedest to crush the very idea of the vinyl record in all of its myriad forms. They may have won the battle with the seven-inch single, now almost extinct, but the vinyl LP has never been healthier.

Good times. These are such good times.



And all of this is for Tom, fellow Product Brother, without whom…

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